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"When raising money for a cause, the smallest decisions can make the biggest  difference"

Our Services

Sure, we can talk fast, but auctions are a multi-dimensional process that extend much further than simply being able to rattle off numbers quickly. We'll focus on silent and live auction strategy, effective Fund-A-Need tiers, and additional revenue generators that work together to help you raise more money. To learn more about Auction Psychology and the importance of hiring a Professional Benefit Auctioneer, click here. 

Raising money at a fundraising event can be challenging without a thoughtful plan in place. Our goal is to create lifetime supporters instead of a "once-in-their-lifetime" donation. In order to generate the highest likelihood of success, we analyze your annual fundraising goals as a whole to understand the "why" behind every dollar we hope to raise, and every donor we hope to retain. To find out more, click here

Planning a fundraising event can be overwhelming and exhausting. Let us manage every aspect of your event starting from the save the date and ending with follow-up thank you notes. Our expert team of event planners, vendor contacts, auction providers, entertainers, and fundraising consultants will take the stress out of planning so you can focus on saving the world! To get started, click here

Our Philosophy

Collaborative Innovation.

Meaningful Interaction.  

Strategic Impact. 

We love to make a difference in people's lives. Whether it's relieving clients of stress, communicating with vendors, or cultivating relationships with donors, we are passionate about creating personal connections in everything we do. Our approach is simple; first we listen, next we strategize, then we perform. To learn more about our philosophy, click the link below to hear from the people we've had the pleasure of doing business with. 

"We're only as helpful as our clients allow us to be. When they include us in their planning process, share their long-term vision, and help us understand their fundraising goals, we are both inspired and empowered to help make those dreams come true. That's when the magic really starts to happen."  


~Magen McRoberts, Founder & CEO

Our Team

As much as we love magic, we don't claim to have a rabbit in our hat. Our success comes from extensive collaboration with clients, their planning committees, board members, and donor base. It's our job to ask the right questions, facilitate creativity, and implement strategy that our team makes possible. We believe the more we're involved with the planning efforts of a fundraising event, the more likely we are to reach (or surpass) the organization's fundraising goals.



It takes a Village.

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