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Auction Eventworks is an Atlanta-based event fundraising firm that assists in planning successful fundraising events across various venues, styles, and customized experiences. We are dedicated to helping our clients host profitable events that maximize donation dollars, strengthen existing relationships with donors, and promote the valued work of their organization. We believe that the smallest detail can make the biggest difference in the success of fundraising efforts. Our primary focus is to understand the values of your organization and strategize on the most effective method to sharing your mission. 

OUR Founder & CEO

Magen McRoberts

Magen started her first business at the age of 12 by transforming the garage of her home into a “restaurant” while her parents were away at work one hot summer day. Despite being grounded for standing on the street corner with a sign that read “Magen’s Restaurant, This Way,” her parents knew they were raising a born entrepreneur. After initially attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, she returned to Atlanta to study Business Management and Hospitality Administration at Georgia State University. She spent several years gaining experience in various aspects of the hospitality industry, working in roles such as Banquet Event Manager, Sales and Marketing Director, and eventually led Corporate Trainings at the Marriott Vacation Club out of Kauai, Hawaii. As a seventh-generation Atlanta native, Magen felt compelled to move back to her hometown and marry the man she loves, Austin McRoberts, a long-time friend from high school. Together they share a love for outdoors, and personally she enjoys learning the arts of Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and is committed to constant evolution of self. 

OUR Marketing Director

Marla Kelly

Marla Kelly uses her creativity and passion for communication to highlight the work of AEW and its clients. Combining her enthusiasm for philanthropy and obsession with all things social media, this role has proven to be a perfect fit for her. She also utilizes her love of detailed and colorful to-do lists to keep clients and events on track. 


Marla graduated cum laude from Texas Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in theatre. She spent the last decade working in the corporate sector by day and acting professionally by night. She is a native of Fort Worth, Texas. 


In her spare time, Marla enjoys utilizing her cordless glue gun for various crafting projects, traveling with her boyfriend, daily phone calls with her mom, and nerding out to fantasy fiction and sci-fi. 


Future Auctioneer

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