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As a commercial real estate auctioneer and sales manager for AMCbid by day, business consultant and professional ringman for Auction Eventworks by night, Austin has a keen understanding and insight into the auction industry. 


Married to Magen in the Fall of 2016, Austin has been involved in the inception and growth of Auction Eventworks every step of the way. While Austin is an integral part of all "behind the scenes" aspects of running the business, when it comes to running the day-to-day operations, managing client relationships, and performing live auction services, he knows to let Magen shine. 


Any experienced Auctioneer will tell you that "a good ringman makes a better auctioneer," that their communication is fundamental and essential to a successful auction. Austin's main duties at fundraising events are bidder engagement, encouragement, identification and relay of all bid activity to ensure no money is "left on the table" and to raise the most money possible for the benefiting organization.


Austin is a Georgia licensed Real Estate Agent and has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate Finance from The University of Georgia. He became a fully licensed auctioneer in the spring of 2017 following graduation from the North Georgia School of Auctioneering.