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Jeb Howell

Jeb started in the auction industry in 1990, where he was selected to run the Atlanta office of RTC’s auction program, where he was responsible for the first several hundred real estate auctions in the nation. 

In 1996, he convinced the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games to auction off all the remaining assets of the Centennial Olympic Games, in a series of gigantic auctions which spanned a year. He was one of the first auctioneers in the country to utilize the Internet for auction promotions, and co-owned the first national auctioneer web hosting site, Auctionweb.com.

In March of 1998, he started a real estate auction firm, Auction Management Corporation (AMCbid), where he serves as President. His company conducts real estate auctions in all states in the U.S, and he personally holds real estate and auctioneers licenses in over a dozen states.

He has dedicated much of his spare time to charitable organizations throughout Atlanta such as the USO, Hillside Children's Hospital, The Global Village Project, and has been a member of the Atlanta Kiwanis Club for over 15 years. His wife of 34 years, Marsha Howell is also an integral part of his business. Jeb and Marsha are the parents of Magen McRoberts, and server as her main inspiration for starting her own auction firm.