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Ashley Jones, Founder

"I had to fight with my board to hire Magen. She is on the higher end of auctioneers and we are still a new organization with small pockets, but I knew she would be worth every penny of the investment. I eventually won the battle and we were able to use her for our event last month. My board and donors were so impressed by her, I don't think they will ever question the expense to hire Magen for every event from here on out. She is absolutely one of the best event planners and auctioneers out there. Not only was she an incredible help during the planning process, but the night of the event, she went above and beyond to make sure every person had an incredible time. Magen doesn't just show up and read off your auction items for the live event - she does her research and sells it to your crowd, making it a really fun and enjoyable experience. We had so many guests telling us how awesome Magen was and how much she added to the party. I hope you're able to hire her and see her in action as she not only raises money for your cause, but creates an enjoyable experience for everyone, you won't regret it!" ​


 Nicole Pietro, Chief Development Officer

"Magen is an absolute marvel. She is professional and astute. As an auctioneer she dove head first into understanding our mission and helped to shape our 'fund-a-need' paddle raise allowing us to raise more money at an event than we had ever raised. As an event planner she quickly assessed our needs and vision for our event, found cost-saving strategies and built an astonishing rapport with all of our staff."


Bob Farley, Co-Founder

"To put it quite simply, working with Magen on a fundraising event is guaranteed to be, 'Wonderful….marvelous.' 
I have been involved in fundraising events for non-profits for almost 50 years and working with Magen by our side at Georgia Ensemble Theatre has been totally unique and unparalleled in providing outstanding support, which in turn produced results that were successful beyond our projections.
In addition, she is there for you every step of the way and is without question the very best auctioneer I have ever seen in action. I recommend Magen and her wonderful team to you without reservation.”


Jill Thornton, President and CEO 

"I love working with Magen and her team because of their professionalism and communication skills, their ability to find and negotiate with the best vendors in the citytheir creativity, and how they breath new life into old events.

They take the stress out of fundraising, helped us raise our presence in the state, and have our donors wanting to come back for the following year.


They turn our fundraising events from a headache into a pleasure. I treasure having them as a part of our team."


Tonja Holder, Director of Development

"What I love most about working with AEW is their positive attitudes, expertise and analysis. Revenue from our event nearly doubled this year because we invested in more services from AEW."


Jamie Anderson, Director of Development & Marketing

 "Kate’s Club loves working with Magen and her team because they fully understand not only the goal at the finish line but the process in between. From start to finish, they provide valuable feedback and attainable solutions that work for your organization. We also love working with Magen because of how comfortable she made us feel as clients – we never hesitated to ask a question or send an email.


Kate’s Club saw a $50,000 increase from our event through working with Magen. We also received feedback for months from our guests saying how much they enjoyed the event because of Magen and her team. They felt like she understood and loved the mission of Kate’s Club. Our guests were happy which in return raised more dollars for our organization.


Magen and her team were rockstars the night of the event! We still feel like one big, happy family!"


Kate Hewitt, Executive Director

"Beyond Magen being a remarkable auctioneer, we’ve loved the authenticity and personal relationship she established with our organization and the board members/volunteers associated with our event. We also love the loyalty she has with clients. I think trust and integrity are two very important qualities in any business, especially when you’re working with non-profits, and Magen and her team certainly have that. Our signature fundraising event has certainly become more 'professional' through our work with Auction Eventworks."


Caitlin Dean, Executive Administrator

"I really appreciated how Magen held our hand through the entire process and how straightforward and efficient her and her team were. They provided such a capable, safe pair of hands! It made me feel less anxious about the whole event.


Our event was a big success and we raised (for our organization) a significant amount. The AEW staff was well organized and efficient and Magen has such a fun personality that of course people wanted to give! 


 All of Magen's advice was valuable!"

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