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Heroes Behind the Funds: A Discussion with Photographer, Zachary Toth

What is your mission behind why you do the work you do?

Our mission here at Zachary Toth Photography, in all aspects of our company, is to create high quality, impactful video or imagery that tells a story and captures the essence of the message you want to project to your audience. Also based on our mission, we put a heavy focus on teamwork and everyone that is on my team are specialists. When I am consulting with prospecting clients, I tell all of them “we will provide a team of experts that becomes an extension of your team to see your vision through!” I have been working on my craft for over 20 years and this is something I put emphasis on when I first structured this business.

What do you enjoy about working events in the fundraising industry?

I love working with companies and organizations that have a great cause and impactful stories. One of the things I take pride in is, no matter who we are working with, we stand for their initiatives and we want to become a part of their message! I get to learn about a ton of inspiring causes happening in our world that I otherwise would not be as knowledgeable about.

As far as what we do with photos and video, we love that we become documentarians. Oftentimes, our work is just beginning after the actual event is over. Our team takes all of the raw photos and footage, then produces a quality, finished product that will forever be in the timeline of our client’s history. We get to eternalize their story!

In a nutshell I get to LEARN, I get to EXPERIENCE things through other people’s eyes, and I get to INTEGRATE with them as we become key players to help spread their messages during and after the event.

We value your partnership because of what you and your team produce and how you approach your work. Could you give us and our readers an inside look of what it really entails to the work you do, specifically when it comes to events?

Of course! Before we even pick up a camera or go on site anywhere, we spend a lot of time strategizing and creating a scope of work before we dive into any project. I think the one thing people may not realize is how much work goes into planning, organizing, and preparing before and after we capture assets. This is not to call anyone out because it took me years of doing this to realize that it is necessary in order to produce the level of high quality product that both the client and us want. I like to say we are figuratively, the first ones in and the last ones out on a job!

In terms of “day of event”, another thing I would say my team is great at is being able to roll with the flow. In a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong in production, but if you’ve worked in events long enough, you know some times, you get thrown curveballs. We are very much chameleons in what we do because we’re able to adapt to sudden changes, while keeping the mental clarity to stay focused and maintain our vision. This is sometimes overlooked because it is behind the scenes, and because it’s second nature to us, we really strive to make it seem completely natural.

What do you believe truly makes a good support system when partnering with other agencies?

I am a huge believer in working with specialists and experts. I like partnering with individuals or companies that have enough experience with what they do to consider themselves experts, such as you guys at Auction Eventworks. I like for everyone to have their own lane to do what they do best! That way, there is no time or effort spent in crossing over into each other’s specialties or stepping on anyone’s toes. Through teamwork and open communication, this creates a better level of respect between partners and ultimately, better results in the end, which is what we are all striving for. I want to provide a service that my partners need and I need the support of my partners to do what aren’t necessarily our strengths. So overall, all of these factors play into a solid support foundation when it comes to partnering with other agencies.

In an ideal world, what are you missing in terms of support?

In terms of support, team is of the essence. I couldn’t do what I do best without my team. So with that in mind, I am looking to build out my team here at Ztoth Photo that focuses on internal processes such as correspondence and bookkeeping. I would also love more support in sales and promotions to keep us out there and relevant as times are constantly changing. That would ultimately make my world happy! I’ve been doing this on my own for awhile now, but finding this support would allow me to focus on what I’m really passionate about.

How do you envision the future of your cause and what do you think you would need to get there?

The future of my cause would be to one, remain current and stay active in the market. I also want to place heavy focus on maintaining and building relationships with my current clients and partners. I started my business with a lot of ‘one and done’ projects so to have partnerships with people and companies for four, five, and some of them six years now, really means the world to me! At the same time, I am definitely excited to branch out and meet new partners. I want to acquire and build new skill sets through finding new partners so that we can both grow together. I would love to have more outreach initiatives to get in front of more people so we can continue to build the team and create more opportunities for everyone involved.

To learn more about Zachary Toth Photography or check to check out some of their work, please visit his website at www.ztothphoto.com

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