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Heroes Behind the Funds: Chatting with AEW's Marketing Associate, Benjamin Monckton

We’ve been noticing more visibility and presence from AEW in the past couple of months. What’s happened?

I joined the AEW team in early October! Since then, I’ve been creating content to help nonprofits, and raise awareness of their causes. I envision AEW’s online community as a place to spotlight the incredible missions of non-profit organizations in the area, and as a place to share advice on how to navigate the virtual frontier. We’re so excited to welcome non-profits into our family, so we can work together to support these great causes.

Tell us a little bit about the importance of a cause being constantly visible?

I think it is absolutely vital for any nonprofit organization to amplify their message on social media as much as possible. People are constantly online, searching for new ways to help out and get involved with your cause! Think about it - it’s free publicity! Social media platforms are also an incredible opportunity for your organization to share with donors the work you’re doing. It also is an opportunity to raise awareness about your mission and why your organization is passionate about the cause. Not making an effort to become visible online could be costing an organization donations, awareness, and opportunities for partnerships and growth - people want to hear your story!

What would you recommend as some of the key platforms for nonprofits to take advantage of?

There are a TON of free opportunities for nonprofits to take advantage of. While each nonprofit has different needs, here are some of the essential platforms all nonprofits should be taking advantage of. Canva, a super-easy-to-use online graphic design platform. Google Drive, which is a great online storage option for teams to organize their photos and collaborate. For social media scheduling, I would recommend Buffer or Hootsuite. These awesome tools allow organizations to schedule their social media posts ahead of time and analyze the posts. Last but not least, I would HIGHLY recommend Facebook fundraising. Once you verify your nonprofit on Facebook, you can start receiving online donations through Facebook and raise awareness quickly! The best part? Facebook doesn’t take any of this money and there are no transaction fees!

What do you love most about working at AEW?

What I love most about working with AEW is the team. It’s such a joy to wake up every morning and go into a job where the team supports one another and help our clients achieve their goals. I love the thrill of planning events, amplifying our clients’ causes, and the absolutely incredible feeling when we see our clients’ reactions when their fundraising goals are met. I’m very excited for the future of AEW and how we’re going to help so many organizations achieve their goals.

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