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Auction Services

The benefit of utilizing our Auction Services stems from over 20 years of experience in the auction industry, a background in donor satisfaction, and proven results from past fundraising events.


Our services include a full analysis of the history of your silent and live auctions, Fund-A-Need paddle raises, and any additional revenue generators you've used in the past. We will assess every aspect of your fundraising efforts from previous years' events including solicitation strategy, auction catalogue, bidding platform, bid history, and implementation. Together, we will formulate an auction strategy that is customized to fit your unique donor base and the best way to organize, promote, and display the auction. 

Fundraising Consultation

The benefit of utilizing our Event Fundraising Consultation services stems from our unique history in guest experience management, marketing and branding, and donor psychology.


Our initial goal is to understand your donor base, why they feel connected to your cause, and what inspires them to support your fundraising efforts. We will assess all of your current forms of communication including your website, marketing collateral, email blasts, social media platforms, and branding elements. Based on our findings, we will work together to identify areas of improvement and how to reposition them to best support your fundraising events. 


Considering our primary focus is on event fundraising, we do not currently specialize in capital campaigns, grant writing, or legacy gifts; however, we have highly specialized partners who can provide guidance in these areas. Please don't hesitate to ask for help, as we are happy to set up an introduction. 

Sponsorship Brokerage

The benefit of utilizing our Sponsorship Brokerage service is to source new sponsors by creating communication consistency between the organization and all donors, sponsors, and guests in order to create a seamless flow of interaction, branding, and goal-based solicitation.

Our services include an analysis of your current sponsorship supporters, their level of engagement, and how effective your solicitation efforts have been in the past. We will analyze your sponsorship tiers and the benefits included in becoming a sponsor and seek to understand any challenges you’ve faced in obtaining or maintaining sponsors.

Together, we will identify potential new sponsors that are aligned with the mission of your organization and reassess how we present this mission by drafting customized “ask” letters to each target company. We will create a solicitation strategy that is appropriate for your needs and define measurability using goals, metrics, and checkpoints along the way.

Event Planning

The benefits of utilizing our Event Planning services stems from extensive planning experience, our history of successful fundraising events, and the valued relationships we’ve created with vendors, venues, and event professionals, many of whom have created customized pricing packages for Auction Eventworks clients.


Our services include a full analysis of the history of your event, its successes, and areas that may need a fresh approach. We will assess every aspect of your event planning efforts from previous years starting with the budget, fundraising goals, auction solicitation, event programming, vendor and venue selection, donor cultivation, communications, and implementation. Together, we will formulate a strategy that is customized to fit the mission of your organization and fits your unique donor base.

Our goal is to relieve you of exhaustive planning efforts, reduce line items in your budget, and surpass your fundraising goals while ensuring your guests remain inspired and passionate about the mission of your organization.  

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